OSHA-Certified Commercial Roofer
in the Tri-State Area

We take Safety Seriously, Both Our Safety and Yours. Roofing is ranked as the third most dangerous job in America according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Forbes Magazine (2024). All Tri-State Commercial Roofing Corp employees are OSHA certified and follow our exceptional safety training as well as our continued safety education programs. Our employees are our family and their safety is of our utmost importance. Just as important to us is the safety of our customer's employees as well as their property. Our workmen's compensation "modified rate" is among the lowest in the industry nationally which speaks to our continued commitment to job-site safety.

We take every measure available to maintain a safe working environment in order to prevent work place and job site accidents. Let's get started on your project. Call us today at 845-362-1730.

Insurance & Licensing

Contractors are required to carry Worker's Compensation insurance as well as General Liability, but many have exclusions that they're not even aware of. Unfortunately, there are also many companies who knowingly operate without the most comprehensive insurances. While this may harm the contractor if there is an incident at a work site, it may harm the owner of a commercial building even more so. There are many exclusions hidden in policies that only the savviest of building owner's understand.

Most often, owners don't even see a contractor's policy, only a simple certificate that says that there is insurance in place. Falls from heights exclusions are very common in these policies and seriously jeopardize a building owner's property. Tri-State Commercial Roofing Corp has the most comprehensive General Liability on the market, with absolutely no exclusions. We also carry an additional Umbrella policy to further comfort many of our most discriminating clients. We simply don't compromise when it comes to protecting either our workers or our customers.

Hiring Tri-State Commercial Roofing Corp.
will make all the difference

  • Fully licensed and Insured with industry leading manufacturer warranties.
  • The highest quality products and certified OSHA trained roofing technicians on every project with safety as our top priority.
  • The best customer service in the industry.
  • 24/7 Commercial emergency roofing services and repairs always available.