Our Employees

At Tri-State Commercial Roofing Corp., it's no secret that every employee is considered family. Tri-State prides ourselves on having created an inclusive and friendly environment for each one of our employees -- from site supervisors, to roof mechanics, estimators, office managers, and everybody else in between. For the past 30 plus years, Stuart has made it the number two priority -- behind safety -- that everybody who works for Tri-State has the best interests of each other in mind. Tri-State is not a collection of individuals, but a team of highly qualified and trained personnel who work in unison to get the jobs we've been awarded complete in the safest, fastest and most cost-effective way possible. In order to generate the comradery required to achieve the company's goals, Tri-State management believes that taking time away from work as a company between projects is invaluable.

In May of 2023, when Director of Operations, Steve Perini, asked around the company for new ideas which Tri-State could incorporate to foster the sense of belonging amongst all employees, Hugo Aragon, a long-time Tri-State mechanic, suggested a fishing trip. Steve immediately got to work on finding a boat with a large enough capacity for all employees who wished to join himself and Hugo on the trip. Every employee who attended had such a good time that they requested to do the same again this summer. Another fishing trip is currently in the works, and we look forward to showcasing how it went!

Another way in which Tri-State makes our employees feel like families is by hosting winter holiday parties and Summer Friday BBQ's.  Though these may seem rather insignificant to most, we know that most of our competitor's employees do not receive the same treatment as Tri-State's!

While a large reason for Stuart's commitment to his employees is because of his own family life at home, where he has seen his and Amy's support for their own kids become a catalyst for them to have always dreamed and achieved great goals, the other main reason is for the safety of every employee who steps foot on a roof in a Tri-State uniform. According to Reader's Digest, roofing is considered to be the fifth most dangerous job in the world, and it's for this reason that at Tri-State, every employee must have each other's back. Whether it be to avoid a minor injury or something more severe, having a group of people around who everybody can trust instills confidence in all personnel involved that they will be safe. Every Tri-State employee is trained on general and site-specific safety hazards before each job commences; therefore, if one person forgets an important piece of information midday, they can trust that their coworkers have their back and will help keep them safe.